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"We will remain on the path of jihad until the end of days." - Sheikh Abdelrahman al-Jamal's promise.

For several years now I have been posting information and comments about Muslim-inspired uprisings and massacres. Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11 Newer entries were scattered among the older based on my perception on how best to relate each to the other. Long-time viewers would of course be frustrated in finding the new additions. The frequency of new attacks is escalating and thus the bulk of this page will now be organized into a table of Islamic Muslim Terrorist assaults with the newest "on top." Please refer to the individual links for the details. All the previous information will always remain available, so please click here to jump to the Previous Version of this page.

The Previous Version includes topics like 2001: September 11th, World Infiltration by Islam,
2004: School Massacre, 2nd Amendment & Terrorism, Recent Muslim Attacks on America and all the other etc. that used to be here. Thanks to Ms Faith Baker and The Healing Fields for the poem that stands at
left and far right as twin towers (click to read) to remind us that we must never forget the souls willfully and hatefully destroyed on September 11 2001 by followers of Islam to further the cause of Islam.


Below I offer, with little comment, a list of recent Muslim-related events & articles:
 GOT SCARF? GOT HALAL? GOT BEARD?  Undaunted documents how to recognize signs of pending jihad. More excellent information here. Real scary stuff that you need to know. Consider this excellent Chuck E Cheese Strategy. Every birthday party and similar public gathering of women and children should be guarded by several alert and well armed men. Thanks go to Undaunted. "The Perfect Day" for terrorists describes a series of simultaneous attacks on American schools. Undaunted gives us some easily-adopted strategies anyone can practice to help protect our kids.
Flying somewhere soon? Gonna just let the TSA and the Air Marshalls protect you and your family? Not so smart, my friend. Undaunted outlines a better strategy for being ready , being bold, and being fierce in the face of terror. Undaunted speaks about Bombs, Bombers, and suspicious vehicles .What mannerisms might help one recognize that happy [but terrorism-bound] family next door? But will you feel very happy
as they cut off your still-living head?
Election Riots in 2010 will be dangerous for anyone nearby. When is a cop not a cop? Find out how to tell as Undaunted urges us to be 'Strong Tough Ready Around the Clock.' The hands are at 5 minutes to midnight and I sense a Bad Moon rising.
02 March 2011: German muzzie murders two US servicemen, wounds two others. More info here. Muzzies beat schit out of own kids and get free pass, yet reporting Ohio caseworker cited for violating muzzie rights. 28 February 2011: Rajib Karim (probably a Baptist) plots to blow up Brit airliner.
27 February 2011: Some say 'Isa' is the true [islamic] Jesus. Christian Churches BEWARE: Do not allow, much less welcome, islamic worshippers - or their false 'Isa' - into your churches! 'Why not?' you ask. Then check out Islam 101 and the Worldwide Spread of Islam. 26 February 2011: Barry sends a fairy ferry to rescue Americans stuck in Labia Libya. Meanwhile, Israeli thugs beat up on Gaza (just good old boys makin' noise). How is it fair for the whole jooo air force to gang up on poor little Gaza for just one bottle rocket? February 25 2011: Don't worry, don't hate,
make a date for caliphate!
24 February 2011: Saudi citizen Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari (probably a Baptist) arrested in Texas for seeking to build an explosive device.
Read more here.
February 25 2011:
Meanwhile, mainsewer media fears enraged Baptists will backlash against couldn't-be-a-muslim bomber in Texas!
22 February 2011: Muzzie pirates execute 4 AMERICAN hostages. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Muzzlumb Britherhood deeply entrenched in USA. American Bar ASSociation is supporting adoption of muzzlumb law in USA.
21 February 2011: Spiritual leader of Muslim Brotherhood requires Egyptian Christians to
bow before allalala in muzzlumb prayer.
Please recall the dire consequences shown in
Revelation 13:15-18 (KJV) (next two panels):
15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.
16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.
20 February 2011: Camel impersonator muzzlumb cleric will hold protest outside the White House as he seeks to spread his sharia seed inside USA. Sorry, but I think an insider has already done that. 20 February 2011: Yettanuther sex attack on woman in Egypt by muzzie love-spreaders reported. Alleged details on the first sex attack on a newswoman as muzzies eagerly and repeatedly spread her love. 19 February 2011: Those muzzlumbs are so full of peace and love. They are hogging all the peace and love for themselves and making the rest of us so jealous.
19 February 2011: Glenn Beck tells truth about muzzlumb "freedom fighters".
Read more detail here.
13 February 2011: Queerdaffy goes for Double Jeopardy. 13 February 2011: Media Double Standard on "coverage" of death threats.
09 February 2011: Big Sister says '... beware greatest terror threat since 911.' Too bad both Ms Incompetano and ABC News are so hopelessly PC that neither dare utter the word Islam. 09 February 2011: Why the inexcusable delay on body scanner safety reports? Here's a nice 2011 TSA Pin-Up Calender of body images that are not being saved or created in any way. 09 February 2011: The Muzzlumb Brotherhood wants nothing less than global conquest. More info is here, and here.
07 February 2011: NYC headcutter found guilty of murder, but only in 2nd degree. Ruling says islamic man did not act in claimed self-defense. 07 February 2011: Feds force some TX schools to teach mandatory arabic, plus arabic culture, government, art, traditions and history. 'It's the future,' says TX school district superindendant... 07 February 2011:
'The lights are going out all over Europe'.
- Geert Wilders
Islam is to blame. Read more here.
03 Feb 2011: Egyptian leaders think 0bama a "Manchurian President". 02 February 2011: Al-Q actively gathering squints and materials for the Dirty Nuke. News Source #1, and News Source #2, and News Source #3. 31 January 2011: US Dept of State issues Travel Advisory against United Kingdom.
28 January 2011: Maybe this Imam just wanted to pick strawberries in the USA... 28 January 2011: Know where your idol-sacrificed halal (muzzlumb food) comes from! 28 January 2011: Bwaaahaaahaa - Muzzie
bomber blown up by cell phone text message. Another account is here. See, folks, "SPAM" is good for something!
25 January 2011: Might-Be-Baptist (or Tea Party)
kills own daughter in spit fit. Oh-So-Politically-Correct AZ court cuts tearful dad a plea deal.
24 January 2011: Might-Be-Baptists
blow up 35 at Moscow airport. Learn More here, and here, and here, too.
07 January 2011:
The Dead Girls of Islam: Do not ever forget them. You can help here.
06 January 2011: Proof that Muslim Koran
justifies "honor" killings of women and girls. More details are here.
05 January 2011: Muslim school stories - another GREAT reason to HOME SCHOOL your children. 01 January 2011: Happy New year from the religion of peace (NOT). Muzzies kill 21 at Christian church in Egypt. But, wait, there's more: Muzzies kill 30 in Nigerian market.
29 December 2010: What if Muslims were
treated like Christians in Amerika? And let's never forget the ongoing hate crimes against Jews.
29 December 2010: Damn those
insensitive Burka jokes!
24 December 2010: Re-elected 0bonobo wannabe Rep Keith Ellison (Muslim, D-Minn) is working his enemy-from-within schtick. More info on Ellison's anti-American campaign is here.
09 September 2010: Almost Too Fast to Count:
- new Islamic bloodmark from "The Religion of Peace"

It is 09/09/2010 - the other shoe of islam has not yet dropped upon Politically Correct America.
21 June 2010: Will you be among the next 500?
- new Islamic bloodmark from
"The Religion of Peace"

More trouble is coming. How much will it take to awaken America into fury?
Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11 FEELING SAFE YET? Now review how helpless Beslan school children felt in 2004 as they were being killed by muslims. Another account is here.
10 June 2010: Devout, Might-Be-Baptist, persons draw immediate condemnation for hanging 7-year old boy for "spying". First comes the condemnation, then some hothead will eventually express outrage. Will this religious persecution of Might-Be-Baptist people ever stop? 10 June 2010: Devout, Might-Be-Baptist, boy slits girlfriends throat. Racist hogwash. It's just wrong to single out these peaceful, loving people who are only practicing their First Amendment religious rites... er, rights (yeah, that's it). 10 June 2010: Devout, Might-Be-Baptist, man cuts off priests head. More intolerant hate speech. Actually, the knife was only held by the allah-guided hand of a non-infidel... god really did the sawing, er, hacking, er surgery (yeah, that's it). Can't we all just get along?
05 Jooone 2010: Krauthammer abuses the Jooo bashers. The Gaza flotilla and the maritime blockade of Gaza - legal background that the mainsewer media is hiding. 19 May 2010: Black Panther muzzies get a pass from 0bama Regime. BP hoods, carrying weapons of mass destruction, blocked doorway to polling location to intimidate voters. 11 May 2010: Will you be among the next 100?
- new Islamic bloodmark from
"The Religion of Peace"
26 May 2007: Twin Towers Steaming Heap of Dog $hit, er, Mosque, approved by NYC anyway! Damn their dhimmi eyes... 07 May 2010: NO MUSLIM MOSQUE ON 911 SACRED GROUND: As reported in Jihad Watch, and in Atlas Shrugs, and again in Atlas Shrugs. 06 May 2010: New Arabic URLs give Muslims more secrecy. Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE are the first to have URLs written in Arabic script.
05 May 2010 (a): Marry-Me jihaaaad is such funnnn. Shahzad’s path to American citizenship is a tried-and-true terror formula. 05 May 2010 (b): Most "news" just can't bear to utter the word 'muslim'.... SHAZAM! Pakistan born US citizen Faisal Shahzad probably not Amish. 05 May 2010 (c): Too bad it wasn't a teabagger... and it's really Bush's fault - NO - Fannie made him do it!
05 May 2010 (e): More followup on NYC headchopper. Yettanuther may-not-be-Amish man has accident with dull knife. 20 April 2010: Muslims "threaten" creators of SouthPark with death. Graphic photo of man with throat slit and dagger in chest "only joking." 17 April 2010: Miami Bus bends to Muslim pressure: As reported in WND, and in Atlas Shrugs, and in Jihad Watch.
05 April 2010: Info on underground jihad training centers in the USA (watch the video offered) and recruiting for Islamic jihad from within the US prison system (watch the video offered). 05 April 2010: After threats of violence by Muslims, SF police chief appeases Muslims with public apology. He was presented with a Koran as a reward for submission. 06 April 2010: Will you be in the next 1,000?
- new Islamic bloodmark from
"The Religion of Peace"
05 April 2010: Virgina teacher gets 15 years for jihad activities, vows revenge. Was the last of 11 convicted "Virginia jihadists" to be sentenced to terms ranging from 46 months to life. 03 April 2010: Muslims execute 25 of own people who oppose al-Qaeda. Victims reported to have been tied up and shot in the head. 30 March 2010: Muslim mob burns Christian man alive. As the writhing body burns, Muslim police rape the victims sobbing wife.
29 March 2010: Female Muslim bombers kill 38 in Russia. "Black Widow" Muslim group may be recruiting low-IQ girls as their bomb mules. 29 March 2010: Muslim attack on kindergarten thwarted. Only by the Grace of God does the world avoid another Beslan School Massacre. 28 March 2010: A partial listing of jihad training camps (Jamaat ul-Fuqra) now in the USA. Yet the FBI targets Americans. There is more info here.
29 March 2010: Those Offend-Me Muslims are at it again, protesting Jesus at a Christian school. This results from religious schools prostituting themselves for federal student loan dollars. Just wait until the Fed controls all student loan dollars... 20 March 2010: Inbreeding Muslims defective. 55% are married to first cousins. Muslim births are only 3% in Britain yet are 33% of birth defects (and 97% grow up to be generally ugly people). 19 March 2010: Will you be in the next 1,000?
- new Islamic bloodmark from
"The Religion of Peace"
17 March 2010: Five US "citizens" - Muslim converts all - charged in planning attacks on Afghan and U.S. territory.' All plea 'Not guilty.' What else? 16 March 2010: Muslims seek to seduce white amerikans. Recent arrests of three "homegrown" US terrorists confirms rise in jihadist activity. 16 March 2010: 0bama's Stimuloss $$$ given to muzzlie jihadists. Ex-cons, a leading target of jihad recruiters, are being sought by Americorps.
15 March 2010: North Korea helping Iran build nuke missile bases. Satellite images of the launch complex reinforce evidence that Iran has been collaborating with Pyongyang. 12 March 2010: AG Eric Holder hid his defense of terrorist Muhajir Abdullah when Senate was considering Holder's n0bamanation. Abdullah planned to explode "dirty bomb" in USA 12 March 2010: American al-Qaida worked at 6 U.S. nuclear power plants. Did he gain access to information and materials useful to terrorists? Was NRC blinded by Nuclear Correctness??
11 March 2010: Mainsewer media dares not offend the Muslims. The New York Times has no problem publishing secret government info on suspected terrorists but does have a problem with offending sensibilities of Muslims. 10 March 2010: US State Dept apologizes to Moonamar Krudhaffi! Read more here. Mmmm-mmm-mmm. Say, Kruddi, how'r all the kids? 10 March 2010: We'll all be so glad to know about the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America. They should not be permitted to use 'America' in their name! More here.
10 March 2010: Jihad Jane - born and raised in the USA. Arrested in October 2009, and More about that here, and here. The jihadists desparately want to enlist white Americans. 09 March 2010: Like some monstrous and grisly game of Global Clue, The Muslims Did It In Nigeria With Machetes. Muslim hackers kill 300 Christians. 'They herded us into one place...' 08 March 2010: Outed: Pentagon shooter a Democrat/Muslim. Used Arabic term 'inshallah' ("God willing") in internet posts.
08 March 2010: Oh No! Las Vegas po-leece beat up on preying Muslims. Such [gasp] brutality - the earth-kissers were just marking their territory. 07 March 2010: Likely terrorist co-conspirator hired as Muslim chaplain for Chicago police dept. More info here. Mmmm-mmm-mmm. 06 March 2010: 'Wildfire is an apt metaphor for the spread of Islamic violence, and this video shows deft and cunning 0bama in full control of it.
06 March 2010: 0bama calls Islamic Summit to promote A-rab industry and science: Aerospace (bringing aircraft down), Chemistry (blowing things up), and Medicine (chopping off heads). More info. 06 March 2010: Now it's 'Vigilance' - but never so harsh as either 'outrage' or 'condemnation' over Muslim nukes. The original report on aggressive new UN stance is here. 05 March 2010: Muslims fear US census data will "out" them, fearing ambiguity in federal laws could leave them open to prosecutions involving national security. Awwww-ww-w...
04 March 2010: Former Muslim-turned Moussad outs Islamic Jihad on Hannity. More info here. As for "moderate Islam:" It doesn't exist. 04 March 2010: German Muslims jailed for plot on USA. More here. 01 March 2010: New developments on Army Base Food Poisoning by muzzlumbs. More info here, and here. See original story here.
26 Feb 2010: Michelle Malkin asks, 'Have you forgotten the First Time?' And what about the Second Time?? 26 Feb 2010: Laff Of The Day: Talibangs essplode own selves. The 'payback' is superficially funny, but the death toll IEDs wreak is horrendous. 26 Feb 2010: What will YOU do on THAT DAY --- Freeze, Flight, or Fight ?? Mall "security" will not protect you.
25 Feb 2010: 0bama MUST be either a Muslim or a Muslim-apostate. Much more here. 24 Feb 2010: 'We [Muslims] will burn down the Master's [White] House!'. 24 Feb 2010: 0bama uses public funds to fund special Muslim food rations - halalofadeal.
24 Feb 2010: Potentially compromising database records on 0bama's 1980s passport records have been conviently tampered with. Oops: Chief witness shot dead. Mmmm-mmm-mmm. 23 Feb 2010: 0bama AG Eric Holder and DOJ Web of Terror Sympathizers. Much more here and here. Mmmm-mmm-mmm. 23 Feb 2010: 0bama Muslim envoy admits self-cover-up. The real story is the White House cover-up (not what was said). Mmmm-mmm-mmm.
23 Feb 2010: 270 Somali terrorists smuggled into U.S.. Whereabouts unknown; none yet found. 22 Feb 2010: Muslims chop 3 more heads in India. Victims were Sikh, a faith that believes in "One Immortal Being." More on AZ Muslim who killed daughter in honor-killing. Excused from possible death penalty as otherwise would appear 'Islamophobic.'
20 Feb 2010: Why is there a fast-track to Citizenship for Muslim translators?? US Military turns PC eye away from obvious dangers. 19 Feb 2010: 0bama "adviser" on counter-terrorism, John Brennan, attends Islamic meeting facilitated by Hamas. More info here. 19 Feb 2010: Is someone nearby acting strangely (e.g., furtive or in pain)? They might be a terrorist! Here's what to look for to help you survive.
19 Feb 2010: Muslimness excuses death-dad from death penalty in "honor-killing" of daughter. More info on this story is here and here too. 19 Feb 2010: What the politicians aren't telling us. Who is covering up, and why??
Example: Obama's new OIC envoy defended top jihadist - See this and this and this.
18 Feb 2010: Muslim throws own baby from bridge. BTW, he was also an intern with the US Attorney General. Great choice, Eric. Bias: Nine now in DOJ previously defended terrorists.
18 Feb 2010: Ft Jackson NC: Five Muslim soldiers arrested last year for poisioning food - so why are we just hearing about it now?? 17 Feb 2010: 0bama cancels Moon trip, sends NASA into Islamic Orbit. He richly deserves this Krauthammer. 17 Feb 2010: Clinton praises new 0bama envoy to OIC (taa daa)... Here's Rashed Hussein.
17 Feb 2010: 0bama national security deputy John Brennan is uber-PC, pro-Muslim. Mmmm-mmm-mmm. 16 Feb 2010: 0bama AG Eric Holder is olde tyme Muslim lover. 14 Feb 2010: Two Muslim terrorists arrested in TX. Why are they always so ugly??
12 Feb 2010: In 0bamaland, Climb-It Change is greatest threat to National Security while atomic Islamic jihad goes unmentioned. 11 Feb 2010: New 911 photos released. Stunning new photographs taken by NYPD helicopters forces fresh look at Islamic evil. 10 Feb 2010: Islam takes on Wal-Mart. The Black Moon People are invading America, seeking to plunge her into Muslim Darkness.
09 Feb 2010: Double-dare ya... do your worst (and we might smite ye back). West waits breathlessly for other shoe to fall on Thursday 11 Feb. 08 Feb 2010: Muslim bus driver imprisons passengers during prayer. The Brits cowered in fear but maybe USA redneck riders would have beat this dog into a lifeless pulp. What would you do? 06 Feb 2010: Consider this excellent Chuck E Cheese Strategy. Every birthday party and similar public gathering of women and children should be guarded by several alert and well armed men.
06 Feb 2010: Perhaps in preparation for the NYC 911 trials, Muslim criminal (er, "chaplain") smuggles box cutters into jail. Oh yeah, the "chaplain" is a convicted murderer. Sweet. 05 Feb 2010: Taliban to murder American soldier unless MIT-trained jihadist is released. 05 Feb 2010: DHS Napolitiano kowtows to Muslim Brotherhood - promises to end policies "...having a deleterious, humiliating impact on Muslim, Arab ...communities."
04 Feb 2010: Moozies flaunt new rocket raising fresh fears over Iran's nuclear ambitions. 01 Feb 2010: Muslim terrorist front CAIR not reporting US taxes - still delinquent in filing 2007 returns. 01 Feb 2010: Achmoodingleberry threatens major badness on 11 Feb 2010 - the forces of evil gather momentum.
01 Feb 2010: US anti-Iran Missle test FAILS after radar malfunction - first US test of defense from Iranian attack. 01 Feb 2010: Muslims indoctrinating Brit kids to jihad. "No child is ever too young to be started off on Jihad training." 31 Jan 2010: Now: Muslim Boobie Bombers. Hubba hubba BOOM! There is more info here.
25 Jan 2010: New BBC "comedy" features stooge-like, incompetent jihadists who plan to attack London. Odd, but I'm not laughing at all. 24 Jan 2010: Christmas Flight 253 jihadist was talking until he was read Miranda rights and told that he had a right to remain silent. 23 Jan 2010: 36 Americans converted to Islam in prison now waging jihad in Yemen. How efficient: making both license plates and terrorists.
23 Jan 2010: Arabs demand new satellite channels; promise not to beam Islamic propaganda into Europe/America. Yeh, sure... More here. 23 Jan 2010: Crapistan Muslim rapes then murders 13 yr-old Christian girl. The mainsewer media will never tell you about this. More info here. 22 Jan 2010: NYC Muslim says headless wife abused him. Read the gory original story here. Every day is now Islamic Groundhog Day!
22 Jan 2010: Little Rock killer jihadist pleads guilty to being Yemen Al Qaeda terrorist in spite of mainsewer media denial and cover up. 20 Jan 2010: Official Fort Hood Report: Why No Mention of Islam or Major Nidal Malik "allahu akbar" Hasan? 0bama's Army is too PC to name or know America's Muslim enemy. 19 Jan 2010: Senator Scott Brown (R Mass.) says: "In dealing with terrorists, our tax dollars should pay for weapons to stop them, not lawyers to defend them." 0bama: Can you hear us now?
19 Jan 2010: USA Christian girl, Rifqa Bary (mutilated by her Muslim family) now forced to plead 'guilty' in attempt to escape multiple Muslim death threats. More info here. 18 Jan 2010: Judge throws out key prosecution evidence, allows Muslim prayer time, considers Jew-free jury in NYC civilian terrorist trial. 18 Jan 2010: 12 days and counting since Jihad Watch reported that Google censors searches on 'Islam is'. Proof is here. 11 Jan 2010: Google said this "bug" would soon be fixed.
15 Jan 2010: Muslim countries notably absent in giving aid to Haiti. "Poor" Saudi Arabia has lots of money to promote jihad but not a penny to give for human suffering. Meanwhile, Jews do much. 15 Jan 2010: OMG! Ft Hood really was [gasp] terrorism - and this official revelation took only two months of 0bama admin dithering and dancing. 15 January 2010: Christian girl, Rifqa Bary, blinded by Muslim brother, now targeted for deportation and possible death in USA.
12 Jan 2010: Same Delta flight 243 coming into Detroit. Four Saudis, talking in Arabic, alarm on-board Air Marshals trained in Arabic. More. 12 Jan 2010: Pentagon "discovers" - post Ft Hood - that military should 'focus on members [Muslims] who might pose a threat.' Well, duh. 12 Jan 2010: Is FOX News under the thrall of CAIR and Saudi $$$ ??
11 Jan 2010: Pamela Geller comments on how 0bama has perpetrated a devastating attack on American security. 11 Jan 2010: Pamela Geller's comments on 0bama ignoring the jihad attacks in America. 09 Jan 2010: Pamela Geller's comments on double-agent Abu (aka Hammam Khalil al-Balawi), the jihadist CIA suicide bomber
09 Jan 2010: Robert Spencer's comments on Abu (aka Hammam Khalil al-Balawi), the CIA suicide bomber who killed 8 in Afganistan. 08 Jan 2010: Federal judge enters 'not guilty' plea for would-be Detroit jihadist (aka the pantybomber) Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. 08 Jan 2010: 0bama gives another bow to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia: a criminal show trial of 9/11 terrorists in the victim city of 9/11.
08 Jan 2010: 0bama releases USA Security Intel. Original link is here 08 Jan 2010: More muzzlims arrested in NYC plot. Same story from a different angle. 07 Jan 2010: Why mainsewer media won't cover isalamic jihad.

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"Oh God, I beseech Thee that I would massacre Your enemies"
   - Abu Dajana Al-Khurasani, jihadist and CIA suicide bomber (aka Hammam Khalil al-Balawi).

Please read the writings of dead Abu in the first link, above. They are both eloquent and heartfelt... yet an alarming insight into the passion that drives believers of Islam against the infidel - nonbelievers in their god, allah. I despise Abu's mission but admire his awesome depth of faith. I am but a weak Christian, standing in the shadow of such a strong believer. Abu's fervor shames me.
Please read these words of dead Abu, again:

"What I fear most is that [when I die] I would meet a man who died as a martyr under the effect of my words, whereas I shall die in bed. This is a nightmare which makes me sleepless and it wrecks my nerves. I'm afraid that on the day of resurrection, standing before a mountain of [my] sins, I shall be asked to account for each and every one of them, and it shall be a long account, and I will be covered with sweat, while they [i.e. the martyrs] will be moving about the rooms of paradise in everlasting pleasure. One of them will say to the other: 'What do you say about him who used to be called Abu Dajana Al-Khurasani, who used to urge people to go to jihad?' And the other one will answer: 'But he died in bed, a contemptible death, having stayed away from jihad."

President 0bama, how are such as you (or anyone) going to negotiate "peace" with such as these?


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