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Various Panoramic Views from the tour:
Overlooking Flaming Gorge, UT. Highway 191 along the eastern rim is among the most beautiful places I have ever been in 58 years of riding. I took the same shot in June 2009 when I rode my ST1300 to Yellowstone. In July 2009 I began an ill-fated "dream tour" to Glacier National Park that was cut short the first day. The pictures that you see at right and below document my two-year quest to fulfill that dream - and forget the nightmare.
Before the Mountains of Montana lay many beautiful lakes and high meadows. These, too, are to be appreciated.
This is Flathead Lake in Montana, just south of Kalispell. If you go, be sure to take state highway 35 that hugs the eastern shore, Late July is the regional cherry harvest. Yum, yum!
This is one of those places where a continuum of decay, old, and new[er] seem to seamlessly merge.

Below are selected individual photos from my five-state scooter tour to Glacier National Park:
I loved Going To The Sun Road in Glacier National Park so much that I retraced the entire west leg of my tour all the way back home. I have been riding since 1953. This 2007 Yamaha Majesty 400cc is my 18th cycle and I am very impressed. Ready to roll on a 2,600 mile odessey. The bike averaged over 60 mpg. Other Trip stats here. Left Longmont behind and headed for Estes Park.
Next over Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain Park. Another shot of Utah's Flaming Gorge: Bike, bridge, and beauty. Only a 400cc "scooter" yet her eager heart always pleases me. There were a half dozen of these road lesions in two miles.
The mountains in the distance becon. The straight and narrow path ... The reflecting pool; Divine inspiration.
Spillway on Jackson Lake dam. An intruder sticks its nose into the scene. Man made Majesty dwarfed by the real thing.
The Grand Tetons near Jackson, WY. Giants to the left of me... Giants to the right... First look at Flathead Lake in MT.
The rear trailer was just as too damn long as the front one! At waters edge on Flathead Lake. In the land of sky blue waters... I prefer riding to being the Man On The Hill.
Kalispell MT (near Glacier National Park): Tired old MotoGeezer (me) gets the Cowboy Room. Stuck in Kalispell on my 71st birthday. Finally: Going To The Sun in the early light.
Western Gateway to Glacier National Park. Great Shopping op for those so inclined. Looks like this is gonna be good.
It just keeps getting better. When Beauty fades to black, is it any less beautiful?. Heading east along Going To The Sun Road.
Look, Ma, no cones!
Cones ahind of me. Cones ahead of me.
One of the few examples where Man's works compliment God's Creation.
The Weeping Wall along Going To The Sun Road.
After two years, we finally made it to the top!
I wrote this message (using my finger) in the snow for my wife Sheryl. "My country, 'tis of Thee, Sweet Land of Liberty...
Beware the feared and hideous Mountain Troll.
"... Still crazy after all these years..." Preferred: This Road Craft over any Water Craft.
Over the top to the Eastern Portal. Headed west back up the mountain. Logan Pass at the top.
Leaving it all behind but not forgotten.
Steady as she goes... A red rock road is the finis to this saga. I still have some more work to do on this webpage (more comments, pix, maybe videos). Bookmark this page and check back every so often for updates.


Yellowstone 1980

Monument Valley 2003

Highway 101, CA, 2004

Gateway, CO, 2008

Devil's Tower, Yellowstone 2009.

Grand Canyon,
Monument Valley, 2011

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