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      Our National Anthem done right:
  Have you read our Constitution?    

You've found our place on the World Wide Web. The picture at left below was taken on our first anniversary in 1979.
We've changed a good bit since then, but the love remains.


   - and 30 years later:

NOTES: Rapidly deteriorating World and National Events since 2009, and the urgency of the Progressive 0bama administration to propel the USA into an 1984-like Orwellian dystopia, indicated a need for this and my other web pages to spotlight major issues and posit some solutions.

After trying - unsuccessfully - to awaken sleeping patriots for many years, including my unsuccessful 2010 run for public office, I became convinced that the "democratic" (i.e., entitlement-seeking) majority of the electorate yearned for the feudal society of 0bama's amerika. These "more free stuff" folks voted to elect 0 and his Progressive Globalist allies (both Democrat and RINO). Who am I to oppose their self-destructive grab for a New World Order; a modern Dark Ages crafted to quench the last great hope of Freedom, the US Constitution?
Ghandi deplored this blackest act in his own era.

By 2011, and in an on-going 0bama-induced depression, I stopped maintaining most of my web pages (but you can click on the American Flag waving above to still view their remains). No more railing against corruption of both elected officials and bureaucrats. It all seemd unstoppable - until late 2016.

After generations of real Americans fought and died for freedom, pot-addled low-information voters opted for 8 years of a USSA "led" by a usurper disguised as SantaClaus.
This foto says it all: Amerika was swirling itself down the toilet... on a skateboard.

In 2016 these same Entitlement Voters (Young and/or Black, and/or Illegals) nominated the criminal Hillary Clinton (over the avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders), proposing to lead (?) traditional Americans further into Debt and Domination over a widened road of 0bam-u-nism.

"The problems we face today are there because the people who work for a living are out numbered by the people that vote for a living." - Dr. Thomas Sowell

Fortunately, in November 2016, We The People gathered ourselves together and in a tsunami of Ballots managed to overcome, even overwhelm, an unprecedented level of nationwide voting fraud. Make America Great Again is our anthem. I pray that President-Designate Trump will survive, first until December 19th 2016 (he did!) to become President-Elect Trump and thence onward to become President Trump on January 20th, 2017.

Electoral College fyi

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    In it I present some of what I learned over 25 years of Dilberting from 9 to 5 with vi.